Challenges in Agricultural Practices

These problems prevented the farmers and agricultural companies in Indonesia from achieving their true productivity potentials

Lack of Information on Land and Field Potential

No historical data on soil nutrients, nature, weather, and climate condition and water source mapping

Trial-and-error practices on cultivation method

Farmers operates using agricultural practices that are not based on proper understanding of the field condition

Late Anticipation of Pest and Disease

Failure in respond to pest and disease incidents in a timely manner leads to harvest failure

HARA Features

Data acquisition tools

Eliminate time-consuming paper-based data acquisition process.

Analytic platform

Monitoring farming activities progress in near-real time. Anywhere, anytime.

Precision Agriculture Insights

Precision farming recommendation that enables efective and fastfarming strategy deployment.

How we aim to benefit the whole ecosystem

Smallholder farmers

Increase productivity and commodity supplies

Increase installments for farmer loans

Improved land ownership for smallholder farmers

Efficient usage in farming utilities

Agriculture companies

Provision of farming field

Optimized production cost

Improve quality of crops

Adoption of technology for agriculture

Microfinance institutions

Provision of farming capital

Farm credit scoring

Historical farmer data and performance

Agricultural produce supplier

Consistent supplies to farm estates and market

Improved logistic management

Consistent Supplies of commodities